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Press Release

Southard Reid is proud to present Feel Up by Eddie Peake and Prem Sahib.

Borne of ongoing collaborative conversations between Sahib and Peake, Feel Up extends from their performance Darkroom, first realised in October 2011, London, at Vogue Fabrics’ Anal House Meltdown club night, and again at Take Courage gallery space. In a development of themes found in the Darkroomperformance, Feel Up is a room installation of accompanying elements – a silent video is installed in relationship to a large wall sculpture, goldenfronted and reflective, through which originally composed audio plays from in-built speakers. Peake and Sahib have also designed a Feel Up publication as part of the show.

The shining surface of the Feel Up audio wall, cutting through the gallery space, holds the reflection of the room and prominently, the video, with its imagery of participants then viewed alongside the actual visitors to the space, conveying a sense of invitation, of physical participation, witnessing the room filling up. Supporting this sense of presence and the personal is the audio track, combining electronic dance music with sounds of human effusions - laughing, breathing and spitting. Behind the wall, its supports are exposed and the space occupied by a jungle of bamboo, which in turn invites interaction with that area of the room.

Surface lustre and animation through reflection or human reference is underscored in the second space of the show, where individual works by the artists are installed discretely but in natural dialogue. Sahib’s anodised aluminium panels ‘sweat’ with resin painted drops, his black ‘dead neons’ playfully gesture along the top of the walls and Peake’s spraypainted mirror works reflect their viewer, bringing them in amongst the swagger, self-reference and poetry of the surface-filling text.

Feel Up

Sound composed and arranged in collaboration with Tim Goalen
Video edited with assistance from Yasu Ichige
Participants: Charlie Billingham, Ben Chapman, Adham Faramawy, Sara Gillies, Celia Hempton, Pawel Kaluzynski, Piotr Krzymowski, Richard Lockett, Kajsa Malmstrom, Cian McConn, Sikelela Owen, Manuel Ramos, Zara-Alexis Toppin, Rafela Van der Heyden, Kamal Yusuf

Installation and production assistance: Dan Ainsworth and Joseph Bedford

Publication produced by Walter Newbury

Sahib and Peake would also like to thank Alexander Karotsch and Lyall Hakaraia at Vogue Fabrics


Prem Sahib, born London, 1982. Recent solo exhibitions include He Looked Me Up, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Home From Home, Arts & Jobs, London, 2012. Performances include Woman to Woman, Gallery Vela, London, 2012, Bijou, IBID Projects, London, and Darkroom with Eddie Peake, 2011. Recent group exhibitions include Interpretations of the Frame and Gesture, Meulensteen Gallery, New York,Ruby, Gallery Vela, London, 2012.

Eddie Peake, born London, 1981. Recent solo exhibitions include Call 2 Arms, Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome, DEM, Cell Project Space, London, 2012, Boydem, Mihai Nicodim, Los Angeles, The Loving Clutches of My Hands, Southard Reid, London, 2011. Solo performances include Amidst a Sea of Flailing High Heels and Cooking Utensils Part 1, Tate Gallery, London, Part 2 Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2012, Huh!, Auto Italia Live, London, Contrapposto Pause, V22, London, Paws, Barbican, London, 2011 and Darkroom with Prem Sahib. Forthcoming solo peformance Creating And Collapsing a Drama, or How It Must Feel To Be An Ill Dog Wearing One Of Those Plastic Head Funnels at David Roberts Foundation, London, October 2012. Peake curated the exhibition Ruby, Gallery Vela, London, 2012. Selected group exhibitions include March, Sadie Coles, London, Surface to Surface, Jonathan Viner, London, 2012.