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Press Release

Southard Reid is proud to present ‘Many Chambers, Many Mouths’, new video and photographic work by Sam Belinfante. This is Belinfante’s second solo show with the gallery.  Each of the exhibited works explore his interest in pitching the human technology of the voice against, and at times in alignment with that of the camera, moving or still.

The video Many Chambers, Many Mouths was constructed out of fragments shot by Belinfante in Spoleto, Italy, whilst on the Anna Mahler Fellowship in 2011. The film juxtaposes recordings of the internationally renowned opera course ‘Istituzione Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto’ with footage exploring the town's architectural spaces, its mix of ancient and modern.  As sounds are produced, so also images emerge, with both singers and filmmaker exploring their respective instruments.  

Belinfante’s second video in the show, Focus, was commissioned by IKON gallery and Third Ear for ‘The Voice and the Lens’, a three day film and performance event curated by Belinfante at IKON November, 2012. Focus was shot on 16mm film and later transferred to HD video. Featuring the vocalist Elaine Mitchener, the work grew out of Belinfante’s and Mitchener’s shared interest in ‘exercise’ as a device to both practice and test techniques, as well as a repetitive activity requiring physical discipline. Belinfante deliberately worked to the limits and with the idiosyncrasies of the camera shooting analogue film, in a series of choreographed moves paced by each wind of the machine. Paralleling these movements, Mitchener engaged in an intensive workout routine designed to have dramatic effects on her own vocal capacities.

The photographic work Aperture, 2011, is a series of self-portraits where Belinfante mirrors the mouth’s opening action in singing the seven-part upward gradation of a scale, with that of the opening of the camera aperture. 


Sam Belinfante, born Bristol, 1983, lives and works in London. Along with filmmaking and photographic work, his practice includes curation, sound and performance. Recent exhibition history includes the curating of and participation in ‘The Voice and The Lens’, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, ‘Slow Boat’ in collaboration with Benedict Drew, Chisenhale Gallery, London and IKON, Corpus Sonus performance at V22, London and Turner Contemporary, Margate, The Blue Bird performance at Barbican, London, all 2012, the solo shows ‘Penumbra’, MIMA and ‘A Bocca Chiusa’, Concrete Space, Hayward Gallery, London, A Cut, A Scratch a Score – A Comic Opera in Three Parts in collaboration with Bruce McLean and David Barnett, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, Scotland, and the performance Stimmung as part of ‘Restless Times’, Tate Britain, in 2011. He collaborated with the Hayward Gallery touring show of ‘John Cage : Every Day is a Good Day’, 2010-11, and presented The Taos Hum screening and performance as part of ‘Beware for the Song Has No End’ curated by Andy Holden at Wysing Art Centre in 2010.