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Press Release

Southard Reid is pleased to present Slowmo Drama, a solo show of new work by Daniel Lipp. 

Lipp works with painting, sculpture, print-making and photography. Slowmo Drama is an expansion of his series of wall-mounted structural assemblages in two formats. Neither flat images nor traditionally defined sculptural entities, these works exist in an in-between space, on the cross of different media and disciplines.

Protruding from the walls as shelves installed at crotch height, or cut and folded box structures at head height, the works bring images, prints and fabrics together with material for preserving and storing of objects - packing foam, tissue paper and glass. There is a careful pitching of varying material references and tactilities against each other, the industrial language of powder coated steel and sharp edges of glass sheets contrast the fragility of draped fabrics, crushed tissue and folded photocopies.

Works from this series contain references to an unidentified past. In Slowmo Drama we encounter bodies at rest, slumped, exhausted, intoxicated, they refuse to answer our gaze. Images are also repeated, folded and cut into as raw material. At times the treatment of images feels violent and sexually charged - looking suggested as a violent act. 

Lipp engages with the bringing in to stationary form, materials from life that are usually transient, shuffled about, looked at and put aside. In their printed, poised or compressed presentation, elements are brought in to a passive, literally objectified state. Under glass, itself simultaneously fragile and revealing, or folded in to open box-like forms, the works’ are concerned with containment, hiding and exposition in equal measures. Half of what is presented is out of reach, covered up by another element, folded around a corner or cut away, creating voids like gaps in memory. 

Daniel Lipp (born Liestal, Switzerland, 1982) lives and works in London.  This is his second solo show with the gallery.